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Make me choose➝ Anonymous asked Jasmine or Tiana

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Harry: “It was Hagrid!”

Hermione: “It can’t be Hagrid. It just can’t be!”

Ron: “You don’t even know this Tom Riddle. He sounds like a dirty rotten snitch to me.”

Harry: “The monster had killed somebody, Ron. What would any of us have done?”

Requested by Anonymous: fave scene in every HP movie (Chamber of Secrets)

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Ron and Harry’s imaginary predictions for their Star charts in Divination which actually happen during their fourth year. - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Page 196)

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Just some of the outcasts of disney.  Its ok guys, this is tumblr, the hoe mod the outcasts.  Welcome home

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I miss your sass, Gabriel.

can we please just acknowledge the fact that we have a typical Dean/Sam bro scene in the Impala but with Cas as driver and FREAKING GABE as shotgun basically talking daddy issues and self-loathing and how to save the world for dummies. The parallel with the boys is so unreal. This is so unreal.

it was unreal

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I will always reblog this on Thursday.

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